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Juniors SCE meeting


CMS 2019 Writing Group

The CMS Writing Group is a supportive space for CMS students to work on long-term (like SCE’s) and short-term (like semester papers) writing projects. There is no curriculum or agenda—this is solely a space to encourage you to write and to provide support to do so. 

The group meets every Tuesday from 4pm-6pm in the Sophie Kerr room in Miller Library. 


Attendance is completely voluntary and can be as sporadic or regular as you need; come and go as you please. Every week Dr. Kozma or Dr. Grosse (or both) will be at the writing group—doing their own writing and making sure you are doing yours!

Rules and Regs:

  • Limited talking
  • Music through headphones only
  • Take phone calls in the hallway
  • Keep your snack noise to a minimum
  • Limited assignment help—you can ask your Profs for help/input, but this isn’t office hours.

*writing group will not meet on: 2/12, 2/26, 3/5, and 4/2

Writing Group