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We think chemists have all the solutions.

Our curriculum introduces our students to the fundamental organic and biochemical concepts at the beginning of their coursework, which provides them with a solid foundation to be successful in chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology.

The Chemistry Department’s  innovative curriculum integrates the introductory topics typically discussed in General Chemistry back into the specific disciplines of Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry. 

Our chemistry program integrates classroom instruction with laboratory experimentation and faculty-student collaborative research.

One ongoing project involves developing a new method of indenoannulation, which is the process used to synthesize organic molecules that could be used in solar cells. The goal is to define a more viable and efficient source of alternative energy using solar power.

As a chemistry major, you can engage in research activities during the academic year and conduct stipend-bearing research during the summer.  You might choose to investigate topics in green chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, or biochemistry.
  • A Woodrow Wilson Fellow finds strong chemistry in the classroom.

  • For chemistry major Beatrice Keller ’19, an “I’ll just go and see” opportunity turned into a day of unexpected learning.

  • Patrick Ginther ’17 finds questions, answers, and connections in the enormous and ever-changing puzzle that is the field of biochemistry. 

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