Business Management


Entrepreneurship, the great business thinker and teacher Peter Drucker observed, isn’t so much an art or a science as a practice.There’s no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and diving into action.

BUS 320 Entrepreneurship

BUS 320 Entrepreneurship provides the foundation for you to take your idea from the concept stage to an operating business. Entrepreneurial opportunities are everywhere. Studying entrepreneurship in a college course develops your ability to identify opportunities and translate them into value-creating  enterprise.

Students learn to unbundle what can be a confusing set of tasks into logical steps for personal and business success. Culminating the course, students craft a disciplined, well-researched, well-written business plan addressing the key challenges their new business venture will face, and outlining the path to success. 

Business Plan Capstone

Students who are committed to learning how to start their own business can choose to go beyond BUS 320, and develop a complete, detailed business plan for their senior capstone. If you choose this track, you’ll work closely with a faculty advisor on developing your own business plan, doing all the research necessary on market opportunities, financing options, operations, and more.

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Start today, not tomorrow

Want to get a head start on your entrepreneurship education? One of our favorite free resources is the New York Times entrepreneurship column—click here to start learning!