Business Management

Schottland Business Leadership Award

Since 2000, the Stanley A. Schottland Business Leadership Award has recognized a Washington College graduating senior, of any major, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership potential and academic excellence.

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2018    Gabriella Winsky

2017    Alexander Smith

2016    Emily J. Summers

2015    Connor Harrison

2014    Carly Ogren

2013    Ryan J. Bankert

2012    Andrew Antonio

2011    Brittany Leann Dunbar

2010    Charles W. Harris

2009    Christopher Todd

2008    Elise Conway

2007    Kristin N. Ward

2006    Kimberly A. Dannenfelser

2005    Kathryn Fluhr

2004    Allison LaMarca

2003    Dean Zang, Jr.

2002    Alhamisi Simms

2001    Kristen L. Van Eron

2000    Rebecca Corbin