Business Management

Minors & More

A little bit of business can take you a long way.

Yes, follow your passion. Focus on what you love, from Drama to Environmental Studies to mass spectrometry. But then, make yourself stand out by adding a working knowledge of marketing and budgeting, or accounting and finance, or information systems, or global business.

Even if you work for a non-profit, your expertise will pay off, especially as you move up in the ranks and start to take on supervisory and strategic leadership tasks.

We (in partnership with our friendly colleagues in ArtComputer Science and International Studies) offer several great ways you can add something extra to your core studies.

Business Management Minor

The minor consists of five courses—three required (see below), plus two additional electives:

BUS 111 Principles of Marketing*
BUS 112 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS 302 Organizational Behavior

* Pre- or co-requisite: ECN 112 Principles of Microeconomics

To complete the minor, students must take two electives, drawn from any 200-level or higher BUS courses, taken on campus or at a study-abroad partner.

Marketing Minor

Marketing is far more than just selling or advertising. More fundamentally, marketing consists of careful analysis of consumer needs, wants, and preferences, and the development of products and services aligned with what potential customers want. The interdisciplinary Marketing (MKT) minor prepares students from all majors for future employment or further study in the rapidly growing field of marketing and related areas.

The minor consists of three core courses (listed below—please note pre-requisite requirements), and two additional electives:

BUS 111 Principles of Marketing*
BUS 223 Marketing Research Methods
BUS 323 Consumer Behavior

* Pre- or co-requisite: ECN 112 Principles of Microeconomics

You’ll find more information about the Marketing Minor here.

Accounting and Finance Minor

The Accounting and Finance (ACF) minor prepares students from all majors for future employment or further study in these in-demand fields. The minor consists of four core courses and four electives.

Because of overlapping requirements, Economics majors can complete the ACF minor with five course beyond those required for the Econ major.

Business Management majors can earn a specialization, rather than a minor, in Accounting and Finance. This requires four courses beyond those required for the Business Management major, but it entails the same kind of academic work as the minor.

You’ll find full information about the Accounting and Finance Minor here.

Global Business Concentration

The interdisciplinary Global Business Concentration is part of the International Studies program, but it is open to all majors. Students must complete seven courses, study abroad for a semester (preferred) or in an approved short-term abroad program, and complete a research paper in the area of concentration (often in conjunction with required coursework).

You’ll find more information about the Global Business Concentration and other international concentrations here.

Information Systems Minor

The Information Systems minor is the interdisciplinary study of the ways in which computer technology can foster organizational excellence. Drawing from both Business Management and Computer Science, the Information Systems minor builds on the foundations of an education in the liberal arts by stressing strong analytical skills, the facility to find imaginative solutions to difficult problems, and the application of ethical principles. Students who complete the Information Systems minor will understand and be able to write and orally communicate about technology to a body of professionals and non-professionals alike.

The minor is especially suited to students majoring in Business Management who would like to acquire an in-depth understanding of technology, and to students majoring in Computer Science who wish to acquire business skills essential to a productive career. The minor is open to students from all majors offered at Washington College.

You can learn more about the Information Systems Minor here.