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Business Management

Minors & More

A little bit of business can take you a long way.

Yes, follow your passion. Focus on what you love, from Physics to Theatre to Environmental Studies. But then, make yourself stand out by adding a working knowledge of marketing and budgeting, or accounting and finance, or information systems, or global business.

Even if you work for a non-profit, your expertise will pay off, especially as you move up in the ranks and start to take on supervisory and strategic leadership tasks.

We (in partnership with our friendly colleagues in ArtComputer Science and International Studies) offer several great ways you can add something extra to your core studies.

Business Management minor

The minor consists of five courses—three required (see below), plus two additional electives:

BUS 111 Principles of Marketing*
BUS 112 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS 302 Organizational Behavior

* Pre- or co-requisite: ECN 112 Principles of Microeconomics

To complete the minor, students must take two electives, drawn from any 200-level or higher BUS courses, taken on campus or at a study-abroad partner.

Specialized minors

Accounting minor

The Accounting Minor covers knowledge of the accounting principles and practices fundamental to the capture and analysis of financial information about the firm, the use of accounting information to plan and control activities, accounting theory, and practical application of accounting in the areas such as taxation and auditing. This study also includes ethical and legal guidelines necessary in gathering and reporting information and in their internal and external activities.

You’ll find full information about the Accounting minor here.

Finance minor

Students pursuing the Finance Minor learn how to make the financial decisions critical to the sustainability of corporations. The acquisition of foundational knowledge related to the financial analysis of firms as well as an understanding of risk and return allows students to pursue advanced finance concepts both from the internal view of the corporation informing the study of financial policies and the external evaluation and assessment of firms needed for making meaningful investment decisions. Throughout, students will examine business ethics as it particularly pertains to the field of finance.

You’ll find full information about the Finance minor here.

International Business minor

The International Business Minor offers students an opportunity to learn about and analyze the forces impacting decisions necessary for conducting business around the world, including the evaluation of international organizational models and an understanding of the impact of country differences, particularly the roles culture and ethics play. Students also gain insight into how trade affects profitability, the nature of international monetary systems, and how to configure international business functions.

You’ll find full information about the International Business minor here.

Marketing minor

Marketing is far more than just selling or advertising. More fundamentally, marketing consists of careful analysis of consumer needs, wants, and preferences, and the development of products and services aligned with what potential customers want. The interdisciplinary Marketing (MKT) minor prepares students from all majors for future employment or further study in the rapidly growing field of marketing and related areas.

You’ll find full information about the Marketing minor here.

Interdisciplinary minors

Data Analytics minor

Data Analytics is an interdisciplinary minor that draws from Business Management, Computer Science, and other majors to provide knowledge and skills in data collection and analysis for supporting decision-making within organizations. Essentially, students learn the discipline of examining an organizational problem specified in human terms, analyzing it, designing a solution, simulating that solution using mathematics and computers, reflecting and reworking the results of the simulation, and finally, communicating the new knowledge in a concise and clear way. Details can be found in the separate catalog listing for the Data Analytics Minor.

You’ll find full information about the Data Analytics minor here.

Information Systems minor

Information Systems is the interdisciplinary study of the ways in which computer technology can foster organizational excellence. Drawing from both Business Management and Computer Science, the Information Systems Minor stresses strong analytical skills, the facility to find imaginative solutions to difficult problems, and the application of ethical principles.

You can learn more about the Information Systems minor here.