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Business Management

Awards & Honors

image You’re at Washington’s college. So go ahead and emulate George: Aim high, and live and work with honor.

George Washington’s life, as biographers like Joseph Ellis have shown, teaches us that ambition is a noble and powerful thing—if it is tied to worthy goals and faithful service.

Today, we encourage the energy and aspirations of our students by recognizing outstanding achievement in our classrooms, campus, and community.

Our honors and awards recognize the collegiate work of our most outstanding students. And—just as with our founding patron, George himself—they are a promise of service and achievement yet to come.

Schottland Business Leadership Award

Applications for the 2015 Schottland Leadership Award are due Friday, April 3.

2015 Schottland application (.wordx)

2015 Schottland application (.pdf)

Since 2000, the Stanley A. Schottland Business Leadership Award has recognized and helped develop American business leaders. It is presented annually to a Washington College senior, of any major, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership potential and academic excellence.

The award brings a prize of $5,000, a tuition credit toward graduate business studies of $10,000, and assistance in exploring employment opportunities. Two runners-up each receive a $1,000 prize.

Department of Business Management Award

Given to a graduating business major who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of scholarship, character, and leadership.

Department of Business Management Senior Capstone Award

 Awarded to a graduating business major with the most outstanding senior research project, demonstrating high scholarship and analytical skills.

imageIn May 2013, one student achieved the rare trifecta of winning all three awards. Ryan J. Bankert, double-major in Business Management and Hispanic Studies, not only won the Schottland Award, the Department of Business Management Award, and the Department of Business Senior Capstone Award, he also graduated with first honors and at graduation won the Henry W. C. Catlin 1894 Medal, awarded by the faculty  to a senior man for outstanding scholarship and campus leadership.

After graduation, Ryan began work for Stanley Black and Decker, enrolled in the firm’s leadership training program.


  • Sigma Beta Delta

    imageSigma Beta Delta is the premier international honor society in business, management and administration. Washington College has had a chapter since 1995, the society’s second year. The organization recognizes students for their achievements in the classroom and promotes a lifelong dedication to self-improvement and service.

     Standards for acceptance into the society are high. Inductees must demonstrate good character, but GPA requirements vary from year to year; to become a member, students must be among the top 20 percent of their class of business majors, as well as the top 20 percent of their class overall.

    When it’s time to apply for jobs, membership in Sigma Beta Delta shows employers that the candidate is a high achiever and hard worker. The society also offers fellowships to help members attain their business degree.

    For more information about Sigma Beta Delta, visit www.sigmabetadelta.org.

  • Departmental and Capstone Honors

    Graduating majors receive Departmental Honors at graduation if they receive Honors on the Senior Capstone, and achieve a GPA of 3.4 (Dean’s List average) in Business Management courses.

    Graduating majors receive Honors on the Senior Capstone with a rubric score of 25 or greater (you’ll find information on the capstone and how it’s scored here).

  • Johnson Internship Awards

    Johnson Internship Awards

    The William B. Johnson ’40 Business Internship Awards fund summer internships for students interested in careers in business. The Johnson program is funded by the family of William B. Johnson ’40, in recognition of his many accomplishments as a business leader and family man. Any student intent on pursuing a career in business, irrespective of major, may apply for a Johnson Award for a summer internship to learn more about business and to strengthen relations between business and the College. Assistance in obtaining an internship may be provided by the Department of Business Management.

    Recipients are selected based on scholarship, service, and character, as well as the proposed internship.

    2014 application (wordx)

    2014 application (pdf)

    2012 recipients

    Ryan Bankert ’13

    Senior; Business Management and Spanish double-major.

    My internship:  Commercial Assistant, Option TI (Santiago, Chile), May-August 2012 (that’s me in the picture, on the right, at Santiago’s eCommerce Day 2012).

    Highlight:  One of my assignments involved researching business sectors that would benefit from Option TI’s email marketing product, GuruContact.  I targeted a few potential clients and attended the sales meetings.  At the Marketing in Chile: Ryan Bankert (r) at eCommerce Day 2012 in Santiago.meetings, I helped explain the products and offered insight into digital and social media marketing, in Spanish.

    One of the companies I targeted and helped pitch the product to is now a contracted customer for Option TI. The company is currently in the planning stage to develop a game for LG Smart TVs, Mr. Pizza 3D.  

    The game’s description?  “Ryan, a part-time pizza delivery boy from Chesterton, NY, dreams to have enough money to pay for his adventures with his buddies from a far, far away country called Chile. He learned the pizza delivery techniques in Chile with his Master, “Señor Pizza.” Hi final test was to return to his hometown and beat the town’s pizza-delivery record. Only by accomplishing this task can he finish his training, earn the money, and return to his beloved Chile.” Sound familiar?

    Impact of the Johnson award:  Living and working abroad was an unforgettable, life-changing experience.  My twelve weeks in Chile helped to mold my personality as well as my future aspirations.  Option TI and I have discussed the possibility of my involvement in opening their United States office.  But, no matter what the future holds, it is a great feeling to know that I have friends and coworkers in another country inviting me back.

    Post-grad plans:  I am looking at a variety of marketing and public relations opportunities to start my career.  After learning more about the world of business, I hope to open my own international marketing firm that specializes in the marketing and export of US products to Latin American countries.


    Parker McIntosh ’13

    Senior; Biology major, with a minor in Chemistry.

    imageMy internship: Intern Marketing Operations, Teucrium Trading, LLC (Brattleboro, VT), May-August 2012.

    Highlight: The main purpose of the office I worked in was to take a role in the company previously held by six people, and run it with three. This involved both reconstructing back-tests of funds the company runs, as well as the creation of current reports relating to commodity news. It was important to run the back-tests to see how effective the funds were, as well as to report filings to regulatory agencies. The current reports were generated on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, and related to how commodities were reacting to global news. They were written with the intent to inform people on how investing in commodities could affect their portfolios.

    Impact of the Johnson award: The internship was located in Burlington, VT, which is a long way from my hometown outside of Ocean City, MD. It also involved a fair amount of driving between offices, which were located on opposite sides of the state. The award made it possible to stay in Burlington; it’s the only way I could have obtained this internship.

    Post-grad plans: I am deciding between continuing my education in graduate school, and looking for full time employment with Teucrium or a company like it. After spending time in a finance-related internship, I find it difficult to decide between furthering my education in biology or business. 


    Abigail Schwartz ’13

    Senior; Business Management and Economics double-major. Internship at Booz Allen Hamilton (Annapolis, MD)

    imageMy internship:  Business Analytics Intern, Booz Allen Hamilton (Annapolis Junction, MD), June-August 2012

    Highlight:  I loved working with my managers and other interns. They are some of the most supportive people I could have ever hoped to work with and my managers gave me tasks that highlighted my skills, but helped me to learn the intricacies of the company.

    Impact of the Johnson award:  The award made it possible for me to live near my office and avoid a 1 1/2-hour commute, each way, twice a day.I was able to participate in more company functions, feel better about going to work, and achieve more.

    Post-grad plans:  I hope to work full-time for Booz Allen Hamilton.


    imageNicholas Tremper ’13

    Senior; Economics and International Studies double-major. Internship at Kansas City, MO Community Development CDE

    My internship: Business/Economic Development Intern at the Kansas City, Missouri Community Development CDE in Kansas City, Missouri (1900 Vine Street) from May 2012-August 2012.

    Highlight: The biggest highlight was seeing how much of an art true urban development is. We learn things in class and apply our theory and, at the end of an exam, have solved all of the world’s problems. However, development really happens when interpersonal relationships are formed and celebrated while providing opportunities for the theory to be applied and adjusted within specific instances.

    Impact of the Johnson award: The internship meant a great deal to me, because my opportunity was unpaid. By receiving this award I was able to do meaningful work over the summer and find a real passion.

    Post-grad plans: I want to ultimately pursue a PhD in Economics while also working closely with the private sector, but how it relates to the public sphere while pursuing research in domestic development. However, my first goal will be to gain work experience outside of formal schooling.

  • Omicron Delta Kappa

    Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership honor society, open to college men and women from all majors.

    It was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 to recognize and encourage superior leadership by persons of exemplary character in the areas of academics, athletics, service, journalism, and creative arts.

    Washington College’s Alpha Psi Circle of ODK, established in 1937, recognizes the college’s most outstanding student leaders.

    Each year, members of ODK select two winners of the Gold Pentagon Award, recognizing outstanding leadership and service to Washington College by a graduating senior, and by an alumnus, faculty member, or friend of the college.

    Washington College’s Alpha Psi Circle of ODK also supports leadership education by sponsoring and organizing a series of colloquia, talks, and special events throughout the year.

    Students are inducted into ODK twice during the year, in the fall and in the spring. Applications are accepted online.

  • Phi Beta Kappa

    Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is widely considered to be the most highly regarded mark of academic distinction for undergraduate students in liberal studies.

    Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is by invitation only. Eligibility is based on the totality of a student’s academic achievement and character. Students interested in Phi Beta Kappa are advised to take a broad range of courses and should plan a program that includes at least 96 credits in “liberal studies” courses. (BUS 109, 302, and 310 are considered to be “liberal studies”; other business courses are not.)

    Find more information on Phi Beta Kappa here.