Business Management

Hands-On Learning

Get your hands dirty.

What’s the best way to learn how to do something hard? Read a book? Or pick up tools and just get to work?

It’s a false choice. Instruction with practice is empty—but action without disciplined thought is all too often in vain.

Our advice is, do both: intensive academic study, combined with plentiful opportunities for hands-on learning, in internships, travel, entrepreneurial opportunities, and more. That commitment to integrated, action-oriented learning is part of what makes our business management program special.

Internships put you in working businesses, and let you make connections between the classroom and the workplace. Most of our majors do at least one internship during their undergraduate days, to explore careers, make connections, and enrich a résumé.

The Center for Career Development is where to start your search for internship opportunities. (If you’re looking for the proper forms to make your internship official and get academic credit for it, you’ll find them here.)

In Business Management students receive credit for internships by taking BUS 390, our internship course. We offer it throughout the year (in the summer, it’s an online course).

Externships are short-duration work experiences, especially for first- and second-year students Check out the College’s externship program.


One smart way to build your career is to get a mentor. Washington College’s Student/Alumni Mentoring Program matches students with alumni mentors. Students and mentors will meet  face-to-face as well as talk regularly via telephone, e-mail, and texts about career-related topics. The competitive program, administered by the Center for Career Development and the Office of Alumni Relations, accepts a limited number of students. Contact the Center for Career Development for more information on mentoring.


The idea of starting and owning a business is exciting. But often would-be entrepreneurs miss the chance to experience the thrill of the startup because they don’t know where to begin. BUS 320 Entrepreneurship will teach you how to develop a comprehensive business plan, covering everything from customers to financing to organization, that can be the launching point for a successful business.

You’ll find more information about entrepreneurial education and opportunities here.