A Selection of Our Grads

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  • Maija Adourian ’18 presented her research at the Society of Toxicology’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.

    With a career as a medical doctor—quite possibly in cardiology—firmly in her sights, Maija Adourian ’18 based her Senior Capstone Experience on a poster presentation she co-authored with biology professor Mindy Reynolds and presented last March at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology.

  • An Eastern painted turtle, with radio tracking attached to his carapace, on the move.

    The collaborative research of Hannah O’Malley ’12 and biology Associate Professor Aaron Krochmal makes the cover of Animal Conservation.

  • Amanda Peters ’16 grew up thinking she wanted to be a veterinarian. What she discovered at Washington College is how much broader her impact could be as a champion for global biodiversity.