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Meet Some of Our Current Majors

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  • Rose Adelizzi ’19 and Prof. Robin van Meter

    Young scientists present amphibian study at a national forum on environmental toxicology.

  • Taylor Samuels ’20 shoots from the free throw line in a last-season game against Dickinson.
    Varsity basketball player Taylor Samuels ’20 takes a leadership role in building a stronger culture of inclusion across campus.
  • Josh Samuels ’19 puts his mice through their paces on little treadmills.

    For his senior capstone project, Josh Samuels ’19, a double major in psychology and biology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience, investigates physical exercise as an organic relief for depression.

  • Mackenzie with Research Team
    With hopes of becoming a pediatrician, Mackenzie Bosack ’19 spent her summer working as a Quality Control Intern at Rockland Immunochemicals, running purity tests and performing research of her own. 
  • Morgan Perry ’19 cradles a turtle she found on a Florida beach.
    Through a summer internship with NOAA, Morgan Perry ’19 worked as a sea turtle conservationist on St. George Island, Florida.
  • Stepheney Wilson ’20 with her students in Zanzibar.

    A double major in biology and theater introduces dramatic arts to schoolchildren in Zanzibar.

  • Olivia Sabatino ’19 in a game with Bryn Mawr College.

    Twin superstars on the women’s soccer program—both biology majors—vie for a place in College sports history.

  • Picabo French’s rendering of a lichen known as rock tripe.

    From lichens growing on Maine granite to bacteria growing on the Mars rover, Picabo French ’19 spent her summer exploring biology with methods and purpose as diverse as her subjects.

  • Maria Rodriguez ’19 in the lab at Stroud Water Research Center
    Biology major Maria Rodriguez ’19 was part of a research team of scientists investigating how biofilms function—and how they recover after a catastrophic flooding event.
  • Sean Garin ’19
    Sean Garin ’19, a double major in biology and chemistry, spent the summer before his senior year at the U.S. Naval Research Lab.
  • During the summer before her senior year, Rachel Bailey ’19 (standing back row, far right) conducted microbiology re...

    Anticipating a career in medicine, Rachel Bailey ’19 interned at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, conducting microbiology research as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research program.

  • Paul Hart ’19

    Cancer researcher Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu ’71 offers Washington College students the kind of internship she once craved.

  • Kaitlyn Marino ’19 examines a slice of zebrafish brain tissue as her mentor, Assistant Professor of Biology Jim Wind...

    A John Toll Fellow conducting neuroscientific research on campus this summer, Kaitlyn Marino ’19 is using a zebrafish model to test memory after stroke.

  • Sabrina Jenkins ’18 is pursuing a summer internship at Children’s National Medical Hospital.
    Sabrina Jenkins ’19 landed an internship in the pediatric cardiology unit at Children’s National Medical Center.
  • Baby field sparrows hunker down in their nest.

    By studying the behavior of field sparrows, Jennie Carr, assistant professor of biology, WC students, and staff at the Center for Environment & Society are hoping to learn how this declining bird species could become more successful at raising its young.