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Concentration in Biochemistry

Note: With the development of the new major in Biochemistry the Concentration in Biochemistry is no longer available to students graduating AFTER SP 2020.

Students who complete the concentration in biochemistry will meet the requirements for both the major in biology and the minor in chemistry.

Graduation Checklist for a BS in Biology with a Concentration in Biochemistry: PDF

The major in biology with a concentration in biochemistry requires completion of the following courses: General Biology (BIO 111,112), Cell Biology (BIO 205), Genetics (BIO 305), Biochemistry (BIO 409), three additional upper-level biology courses, and six supporting courses in chemistry and two in mathematics. The additional upper-level biology courses must include one course from the Ecology/ Evolutionary Biology Category (Category I), one additional course from the Cellular Biology Category (Category II), and one course from the Organismal Biology Category (Category III).

Required chemistry courses include General Chemistry (CHE 111,112), Organic Chemistry (CHE 201,202), Analytical Chemistry (CHE 301), and The Chemistry of Biological Compounds (CHE 303). All upper-level courses in biology and chemistry that count toward the major must be taken at Washington College or Washington College-approved programs although exceptions may be made by the department chair. Required mathematics courses include Differential Calculus (MAT 201) and Integral Calculus (MAT 202). The concentration also requires Biology Seminar (BIO 491, 492) in each semester of the senior year.

The Senior Capstone Experience must be based in the field of biochemistry for either the research project or the monograph or students may opt to complete the comprehensive exams.

Two semesters of General Physics (PHY 111,112) are highly recommended. Requests to substitute a class not listed above for one of the requirements may be considered by the program advisor.

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