Asian Studies

Academic Requirements

All students intending to pursue the minor must meet with the director to design a program of study within the minor requirements. It is also expected that the student will continue to consult with the director in determining the best available courses to fulfill the minor requirements any given semester.

Students may not earn both the Asian Studies minor and the regional concentration in Asian Studies offered via the International Studies program.

Pre-Approved Courses for the Minor*:

* Additional courses – such as special topics courses, and those taken off-campus – also may be counted with approval from the program director.

  • CHN 101 and 102: Elementary Chinese I and II
  • CHN 201 and 202: Intermediate Chinese I and II
  • HIS 381: History of Modern China
  • HIS 383: History of Modern Japan
  • MUS 104: Intro to World Music & Ethnomusicology
  • MUS 279: Japanese Music Ensemble (a 1 credit course repeatable up to 8 times)
  • MUS 314: Music of Asia
  • MUS 394: Special Topics: Performing Japanese Buddhism
  • PHL 112: Intro to Comparative Religion: Eastern
  • PHL 416: Philosophy of Buddhism
Political Science
  • POL 345: Comparative Government: East Asia
  • POL 346: Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
  • POL 347: Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy
  • POL 351: Politics, Religion, and Ethnicity in South Asia
  • POL 384: The International Relations of East Asia