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What do you do with an anthropology degree?

The world is your oyster.  Continue your education by pursuing a masters or doctoral degree.  Explore a career through an internship or just get to work.  Combine your love of travel and immersing yourself in different cultures with your love of learning by continuing your education abroad.  As an anthropologist, your options are endless.

Graduate Schools

  • Peterson’s GradSearch is the most comprehensive database on graduate study available.  It is a searchable database that links your interests to the most suitable programs.
  • The Council on Anthropology and Education guide to offerings in anthropology and education.
  • The AAA For Students section covers topics such as entering graduate school, selecting a mentor, support services, and participating in a conference.  Scroll half-way down the page to see the links.
  • Master’s Degree Online is a searchable directory of online master’s programs. Scholarship information is available.

Opportunity Knocks

Check out the Career Development Center at Washington College!



  • National Internships - broken down by city, including Washington, DC.; small fee, but a money-back guarantee
  • The Inter-American Foundation provides unpaid undergraduate internships and graduate fellowships in participatory development in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Advanced Study