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The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.                                           - Ruth Benedict

Immerse yourself in a different way of thinking about the world, dig into past cultures, and dive into our rich maritime history.

Washington College offers unique opportunities for exploring anthropology, or the study of human nature and human society.  Courses focus on evolution and societal development, traditional ecological knowledge, environmental anthropology, experimental archaeology, and archaeological ethics.  Areas of focus include the Chesapeake Bay region, Mesoamerica, and the Southeastern United States. Courses in environmental and marine archaeology are offered. 

Experiential opportunities include an archaeological field school and courses focused on cultures and environments of the Southwestern United States, the intersection of music and culture in Cuba, and international development in Tanzania.  Additionally, anthropology students and faculty participate in the interdisciplinary Chesapeake Semester, and there are many opportunities for study abroad.  Many students engage in summer internships at locations such as the Smithsonian or the Maryland Archives. 

What can I do with an anthropology degree?

Video Spotlight

  • A double major in anthropology and psychology, Sidney Stone ’18 traveled on her own to South Africa to intern with SAVE, South African Volunteering Experiences, where she saw first-hand the poverty, violence, and social dislocation facing the people living in the townships.

  • Hannah Foster ’19 has spent much of her young adult life abroad, and now the international studies and anthropology major plans to return to China for graduate studies.

  • Traveling on the Cuba Experience class over winter break, Rachel Brown ’16 used a Cater Society grant to develop a unique project with the help of three local Havana women.

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