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Interdisciplinary Major

American Studies

Consider the very idea of what America means, and what it might be.

American Studies, the oldest cross-disciplinary program at Washington College, is the closest thing to a DIY major at Washington College. It enables students to sample a number of disciplines not just as a preliminary to deciding on a major but as part of their major. It also provides the experience of double-majoring or even triple majoring within a single major, which greatly reduces the complexity of requirements, reduces the total number of courses students are required to take, and requires the completion of only a single Senior Capstone Experience rather than more. Cross-disciplinary training—competence in both humanities and social sciences disciplines—can be more in keeping with a variety of career choices—education, marketing, public service, law, public relations—than concentration in a single discipline.

Extraordinary career preparation is provided by the partnership between the American Studies Major at Washington College and the Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, which sponsors a number of paid internships of the type that have led to employment for many Washington College graduates.  The Center is the oldest and best-endowed at the College, is most directly related to the College’s heritage, and hosts residences for world-renowned American Studies scholars as well as talks and seminars by visiting ones.

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