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WC: COVID-19 Response

International Students / Study Abroad

COVID-19 Response Information for International Students and Study Abroad

International students

Those of you studying on F-1 visas should check the travel signature dates on your I-20 documents prior to leaving campus. Travel signatures are valid for one year; if students need new travel signatures, you should contact Dr. John C. Hepler at to make arrangements for new signatures.

All international students should adhere to the campus-wide announcement to vacate campus by March 31st. Should you require transportation to the airport, please contact Transportation Services and/or Lisa Jones. If you are unable to vacate campus by March 31st, please contact Dean Oros  and Ursula Herz as soon as possible. 

Study Abroad Students

Study abroad students should all contact Alex Levy to confirm you are back in the United States, and to confirm whether you will be completing your host institution’s semester online. For students approved to study abroad in the Fall 2020 semester, please note that the College will not make a decision about whether these programs will proceed until later in the semester. GEO will notify you if and when a decision is made.