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WC: COVID-19 Response

Students and Parents

COVID-19 Response Information for students and parents

updated April 1, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Washington College closed?
No, College operations remain largely open, with faculty shifting to a remote learning model beginning March 23 and most staff working remotely. Access to residence halls is limited only to students who are approved to remain on campus, and all other administrative and academic buildings are closed, available only to those who receive approval.

Can I stay on campus?
Only students approved by Res Life may be living on campus now. 

Can I leave stuff in my room?
Students may store any belongings left in their room for the rest of the semester. We’ll let you know at a later date when you will be able to move out of your rooms and take all of your belongings. Sarah Tansits in Student Engagement can provide information about local storage options.  

Can I come onto campus without permission from Res Life?
No. Access to all residence halls, as well as academic and administrative buildings, has been restricted. 

To protect the safety of the students and essential personnel remaining on campus, Washington College is restricting vehicular traffic to a single entry point—the northern entrance at Greenwood Avenue. All other entrances have been closed. Please slow down as you approach the campus gatehouse in front of the Casey Academic Center, where you will be asked to show your College ID and/or the temporary parking pass that you may have received from Public Safety.  Please display your temporary pass on the passenger side of the vehicle’s dashboard. This check point is staffed 24/7.  All vehicles must stop at the gatehouse before entering campus.

If you don’t have pre-approval to be on campus, you will be delayed and possibly denied entry to the campus.  

Can I pick up mail and packages from Central Services?
Not without an appointment. When you arrange to pick up your personal belongings from your room, you may be able to retrieve your mail. If there is no cost to WC, we can forward mail and packages to the home address on file. 

I’m freaking out a little. Can I talk to someone?
The Counseling Center’s physical offices are closed, but the staff are still working via telephone and email to support our students. To schedule a tele-counseling appointment, call 410-778-7261 or email Miranda Altman.

What do I do if I feel sick?
 If you are on campus and start to experience symptoms including cough, fever, and shortness of breath, please call Health Services at 410-778-7261 (M-F, 8:30-12:00 and 1:00 -4:00). If it is after hours or the weekend, call Public Safety at 410-778-7810. If it is an emergency, call 911. 

Students at home who are concerned that they may be exposed to COVID-19 should contact their primary care provider.

I’m still on campus, but I want to go home. Can you help me?
The Transportation Office is coordinating shuttles to airports and train stations—by reservation only. Shuttles leave the CAC at 10 a.m. as needed, beginning Thursday, March 19. 

International students should contact the Global Education Office to make reservations.

Domestic students should email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Drop-off location (BWI, Dulles, New Carrollton, or Wilmington Train Station)
  • Airline and flight number, if applicable
  • Cell phone number

It is very important that you make a reservation as soon as possible so we can secure drivers and the appropriately-sized vehicle for the trip. If you have a morning flight or an early afternoon flight, you will need to leave campus the day before and plan on staying overnight in a hotel that has a shuttle service. Due to traffic and bridge construction we cannot guarantee your arrival time, so please make to take that into consideration when you schedule your shuttle.  

I need emergency financial assistance with transportation, food, storage. Who do I talk to?

Please email and explain what you need. This email is monitored M-F 8:30-4:30 and someone will respond to you. We will be working closely with other offices, including financial aid, to review all requests and respond quickly!

I need emergency assistance for technology (laptop, wifi, etc.). Who do I talk to?

Please contact Mary Alice Ball with requests for technology assistance necessary to complete your online academic work.

Additional Questions

  • What about Commencement?

    We have a date! October 17, 2020. We chose this date because it gives us time to get all of the details in place and it gives you and your families time to arrange to be here. October 17 is also the Saturday of Fall Break, so there will be fewer students on campus, which helps with issues like parking. And it should be cooler and less humid than a date in the summer. Most importantly, based on what we know now, a date in the fall is much less likely to be overturned by COVID19 than a date in the next few months.

  • What if I need specialized software?

    Library and Academic Technology staff are working with all faculty whose students need access to specialized software (SPSS, SAP, etc) or other library materials such as DVDs for their courses. If you have any difficulty accessing software or other materials you would have had access to on campus, please contact Dean Mary Alice Ball (

  • Is the Help Desk available to support me?

    For the rest of the semester, the Help Desk is open by appointment only. The staff is checking the Help Desk voicemail every hour and continues to respond promptly to email and ticket requests. You can email the Helpdesk at or “Submit a Ticket.”

  • What if I don’t have internet access at home?

    If you do not have internet access at home or at your current off-campus location, please contact Dr Mary Alice Ball, Dean of the Library and Academic Technology ( We may be able to provide some support for internet access. If the additional cost of internet access presents a financial hardship, please contact Financial Aid. We may be able to help students with financial need on the cost of internet access.

  • What about my accommodations?

    If you have any questions about adapting your disability accommodations to the online teaching format, be sure to contact Hilary Bateman ( or Liz Shirk ( They are already advising professors about accommodations in general but can also help you with any issues specific to your accommodations.

  • Will there still be an Advising Day on April 1?

    Advising Day, scheduled for April 1, has been converted to an instructional day. Professors will let you know how they plan to continue their instruction and what they expect from you on that day.

  • What if I want to withdrawal from the Spring 2020 semester?

    For students who feel you need to withdraw from the semester, you should consult with your advisor and/or contact the Provost Office ( And you should also contact your financial aid counselor so that you will know the implications of withdrawing from the semester for your federal and state financial aid funds.

  • What about Pass/Fail?

    Juniors and seniors will be allowed to change an existing course from graded to pass/fail, if the course is eligible for pass/fail, until Friday, April 10.

    Our current policy sates “… students may take a maximum of one non-required course on a Pass/Fail basis each semester after attaining junior status (by credit). Instructors assign a final grade to all students according to the normal procedures outlined in the course syllabus. For students who have elected Pass/Fail grading, the final grade is then translated by the Registrar to a Pass (“D-” or above) or Fail (“F”) and recorded as such on the student’s transcript. A failed course is computed into the grade point average as would any other grade of “F.” A passed course has no effect on the grade point average. …Pass/Fail courses may not be used for distribution requirements, the major field of study, major-related requirements, or the minor field of study” (Washington College 2019-20 Catalog, p 66).

  • When is the deadline to withdrawal from a course?

    The deadline for withdrawing from a course will be extended to Friday, April 10. At this point in the semester, students can withdraw from a course without any impact on their financial aid (federal, state or institutional aid) even if that means they are enrolled in less than 12 credits.