Coronavirus Update: Washington College responds to coronavirus outbreak. More Info

WC: COVID-19 Response

Housing and Dining


No further approvals to come to campus will be issued.


To clarify, you do NOT need to remove all of your items. The goal is to minimize contagion and stop people from traveling unnecessarily right now.

  • If you have all critical items right now, you do NOT need to move out. Your personal items will remain in your room until move out is scheduled at a later date, when it is safer for people to engage in unnecessary travel. 
  • If you have packages, contact Central Services to forward them to you. Even if you are planning to come to campus, still have them forwarded to you. Again, minimizing contact is critical to protect not just you but our staff.

Mail: If you are at home, please update subscriptions with your home address and double check orders to make sure they are going to your current location and not campus. Change your preferred mailing address on your shopping website!


How to Pick up Critical Items

  • At this point, students should no longer be returning to campus.   If you have books or prescriptions, we can ship those to you.  Email  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests. Please note that you will be responsible for the shipping charges.
  • For now, any other belongings can remain in your room and the rooms will be locked.