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WC: COVID-19 Response

Employee Guidance

COVID-19 Response Information for Employees 

Consistent with our values, Washington College will treat employees in a fair and equitable manner in the midst of a difficult situation.

All staff members must work from home beginning March 23, unless Senior Staff or their designee deems that they are critical to on-campus operations. For those of you working from home, please become familiar with Microsoft Teams and Zoom teleconferencing software. You should also have received instructions for transferring your office line to your home phone or cell, which you must do from your office phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I receive or send mail?

    Essential staff will be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays only to handle incoming and outgoing mail and packages.

    Central Services staff will sort all incoming mail and packages into bins labeled by department and staged outside the Central Services Office so that you can retrieve your mail at your convenience.

    Outgoing mail and packages will be accepted between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and noon. Please understand that due to this schedule, some packages will not go out the next day, and may have a several-day delay for shipment due to these special circumstances.  Please know we are doing everything to service the campus during this difficult time while keeping things as safe as possible.

  • What about Commencement?

    We have a date! October 17, 2020. We chose this date because it gives us time to get all of the details in place and it gives you and your families time to arrange to be here. October 17 is also the Saturday of Fall Break, so there will be fewer students on campus, which helps with issues like parking. And it should be cooler and less humid than a date in the summer. Most importantly, based on what we know now, a date in the fall is much less likely to be overturned by COVID19 than a date in the next few months.

  • What Documentation Might I Need As I Prepare to Work From Home?

    As you are working with your supervisors to plan to work from home beginning March 23rd, unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor, please refer to these documents as appropriate. 

  • Is the Help Desk available to support me?

    For the rest of the semester, the Help Desk is open by appointment only. The staff is checking the Help Desk voicemail every hour and continues to respond promptly to email and ticket requests. You can email the Helpdesk at or “Submit a Ticket.”