Campus Life

This page covers information about what students who are living on campus or in off- campus housing in town can expect during the spring semester.

Living on Campus

Residence hall occupancies are at normal capacity, with many students living in doubles. Kitchens and lounges are open for the semester.

All other rules and guidelines published in the Student Handbook apply to students living on campus, including those regarding drugs and alcohol. Students who fail to comply with College policies, including COVID-related policies, will be referred to the student conduct process and may have, at a minimum, their on-campus housing terminated.

Living Off Campus

Off-campus students are required to comply with all COVID policies and guidance as well.

All other rules and guidelines published in the Student Handbook also apply to students living off campus, including those regarding drugs and alcohol. Students who fail to comply with College policies, including COVID-related policies, will be referred to the student conduct system and students who live off campus who have violated local or state laws or guideline associated with COVID-19 may also face charges from local law enforcement.

Student Conduct & COVID

Students are reminded that failure to adhere to COVID Safety protocols can present risk to our campus community and therefore, incidents citing lack of compliance constitute violations to the standing Code of Conduct. All members of the Washington College community are asked to address violations of policies if they are observed. In the event of more serious or repeated alleged non-compliance incidents, reports should be made to Public Safety and/or Student Affairs. These referrals will be resolved through our existing conduct system.

Examples of violations include failure to wear a mask indoors, refusing to put on a mask when reminded to do so, failure to report for required surveillance testing, etc.

Social Gatherings

One thing we learned from the fall semester is that most COVID transmissions occur outside of the classroom and controlled extracurricular activities. Instead, the virus is mostly spread during informal social gatherings when compliance with policies is less likely to be followed. In lieu of imposing a specific mandate around gathering sizes, we offer the following guidance:

  • Be smart about socializing and keep your gatherings small and reasonable for the space.
  • Use social distancing as a guide - if the number of people gathering in your space does not allow for attendees to have at least 3' of distance between themselves and others, you have too many people.
  • Go outside whenever possible.

Masks are required for all indoor social gatherings, regardless of size. This IS a requirement, not a recommendation.

Move-In Process

All students are permitted to return to campus between Jan. 18 & 23, for the start of classes on Jan. 24. This is a change - you can view the full announcement about the expanded move-in window here.

Winter and spring sports coaches will communicate directly with their student-athletes about any alternative expectations for arrival back to campus due to competition schedules or pre-season trainings. Peer Mentors and RA's will also have earlier arrival times.

All arriving students must undergo gateway testing at Kirby Stadium. All students should log in to the Housing Portal and use the sign-up form to select a date and time for your gateway test. We strongly encourage those students who have the ability to be flexible with their arrival date to take advantage of the expanded move-in window and consider returning to campus during the week of Jan. 18th.

For students living off-campus, gateway tests are also required. If you are able to, we strongly encourage you to schedule a test appointment during the week of Jan. 18 as we anticipate that Jan. 22/23 will be our  highest traffic days at the test site.

We are requesting that no more than 2 helpers arrive with a student to assist with move-in.

Face masks are required to be worn at all times during move-in.

Students living in off-campus housing may plan their arrival at their convenience. Please remember that you are also required to participate in the gateway testing. Please schedule a test prior to the first day of classes, and if possible, complete your test before the weekend as this will help to avoid some congestion at the test site on Jan. 22/23.

Be Quarantine-Ready!

While there is no mandatory quarantine upon arrival to campus/Chestertown, all students should come prepared with a quarantine/isolation plan. This planning should include assembling a Go-Kit with:

  •  Medications - any prescriptions you take regularly and/or OTC medications
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Thermometer
  • Face Coverings/Masks
  • Comfort Food (meals will be delivered, but your favorite snacks can be helpful!
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Hygiene Products
  • Towels
  • Spare Set of Twin XL Sheets
  • Phone, Laptop and other device chargers Self-care items to support your overall well-being (art supplies, puzzles, crafts, exercise equipment, books, etc.

Campus Access

Enrolled students will have normal access to all campus facilities for the semester semester. Some buildings have permanently moved to Keycard-only access, so it will be important to have your Student ID with you at all times.

Cleaning Protocols

Students are strongly encouraged to continue to clean their rooms regularly, with a special focus on high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, computers, phones, game controllers, remote controls, etc.

In shared bathrooms, personal toiletries should NOT be left out, but instead should be brought into the bathroom when needed and then returned to the student's room. Toothbrushes left out in shared spaces is a primary means of transmitting viruses.

Restrooms in student residence halls will be supplied with EPA-approved products, which students can use in between regular cleanings to avoid the mixing of chemicals and the use of non-EPA approved products.

Dining Services

Hodson Hall and all retail locations will be open for students under normal operations, though some service areas will still be staffed instead of self-serve. They will have some seating reserved for students who wish to maintain social distancing. Carry-out meals will also be an option.

On campus students are required to have at least a 14-meal plan and will comply with procedures issued by the Dining Hall (via email) for picking up and eating meals. Questions should be directed to [email protected].

Quarantine & Isolation Preparation

We will continue with standard Quarantine & Isolation procedures (same as the fall) for any student who becomes ill with COVID-like symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 during the semester. As required of facilities who have residential occupancy when a public health pandemic emergency is declared, Washington College has identified spaces for students who must isolate or quarantine.

Students who are required to quarantine or isolate during the semester should work closely with their faculty members to make up any work missed because of their absence. Not all in-person classes will be accessible virtually, therefore, students should communicate with their professors to determine the appropriate steps to ensure their continued participation in their courses.

Learn more about Quarantine & Isolation