Women’s League

Women's League of Washington College

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization is to foster closer relationships between the College and the community and to sponsor scholarships and other projects to benefit the college.

Our Organization

The Women’s League of Washington College was founded in 1951 by Helen S. Gibson, then First Lady of the College.  She saw her new group as a way to build closer ties between the college and its surrounding community of Chestertown, Maryland, the elegant colonial city on the banks of the Chester River.

Since its inception, the Women’s League has been a strong presence in the life of Chestertown, providing both social and civic opportunities to its members. 

Please visit our website www.womensleagueofwashingtoncollege.com for more information about our programs and to order exam care packages.

Our Founder

The wife of the late Daniel Z. Gibson, the president of Washington College from 1950-1970, Helen S. Gibson (1912-2005) founded the Women’s League in 1951. The Women’s League named its scholarship after Mrs. Gibson in 2001. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student from the Eastern Shore. In addition to funding the Helen Gibson Scholarship, the Women’s League gives an annual gift to the Miller Library. In 2008, the Women’s League agreed to under wright the Helen Gibson Practice Room in the new Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts.

The Women’s League logo is an adaptation of a fabric design by Helen’s daughter, Jillian Gibson. Jillian created the fabric, “Helen’s Garden,” to use for her Gibson Girl evening bags. Graphic designer Greg Wadell then tailored the rose image to logo form.