Writers’ Union

About Us

The Writers’ Union promotes camaraderie among writers at Washington College and organizes activities that promote the literary arts on campus. Our aim is to provide a forum for writers, readers, and students who appreciate the written and spoken word. We accomplish this through a variety of readings, sponsorship of literary magazines, and writing-themed social events. By providing members with the opportunity to share their writing in a safe environment, our members support each other with the positive critical feedback that is the essential part of the writing life. As usual, the Rose O’Neill Literary House is in full swing, with visiting poets and fiction writers, the Graveyard Reading, the (adults only) Children’s Reading, the Really Bad Poetry Reading, Flash Fiction, and 24-hour Plays.

The Codex

The Codex is the Writers’ Union’s annual literary magazine! It is written, edited, and produced by Washington College students and members of the Writers’ Union. Any student is welcome to submit original poetry, prose, or artwork/photographs for consideration to be published in the upcoming volume of the Codex! The magazine is released at the end of each spring semester. 

If you submit any photographs/artwork, please submit the original file(s)/highest resolution available. The Writers’ Union reserves the right to make minor edits to selected pieces before publication.