Student Environmental Alliance


Why should I join SEA?

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are intimately tied to the environment. As such, any actions that we take to improve the local environment directly benefit our entire local community! SEA will provide you with the opportunity to explore the ways in which the environment influences your daily life and to learn about the benefits of considering environmentalism and sustainability in light of both your daily life and your course of academic study. You don’t have to be a “treehugger” to love the environment - if you appreciate shade on a cool day, or a summer trip to the beach, then you already have a ton in common with our members!

What is there to do in this club?

In short, a ton! Check out our Events page to see what we have done in the past, or dream big and suggest initiatives and events that you would like to see happen. We also hold weekly meetings, where you can get your fix of environmentally-focused discussion (and youtube videos!). 

Where is the Campus Garden?

George’s Grove, or the Campus Garden as it is often called, is located behind 508 Washington Avenue. The garden can be accessed from campus near the Western Shore, via a pathway across the street from Prince George’s dorm. 

How can I learn more?

If you aren’t finding the answers you are looking for here, then please contact one of our officers!

Co-Presidents: Allison Speight and Sarah Giordano

Secretary: Erika Koontz

Treasurer: Tori Alpaugh

Historian: Thomas Urban

Advisor: Shane Brill

What other environmental initiatives exist on campus beyond SEA?

Besides all the hard work that students are contributing to this noble cause, here are some other examples of environmental initiatives or programs on campus: