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Student Environmental Alliance

Current Initiatives

There is always something new going on with SEA! Interested in any of our current initiatives or have an idea that you’d like to see pursued? Let us know!

Earthen Oven

The Earthen Oven will serve to bridge the gap between food production and energy consumption. It will provide students with the opportunity to get involved with their own health and food in a way that is not generally possible in traditional campus life. Students will be able to see exactly where their food is coming from and to experiment with a traditional and low-impact means of preparing it. Located at the garden (and conveniently near the compost pile), it eliminates the need for transportation of both the food and the food scraps, it will truly complete the cycle!

Chickens for Chestertown

Chickens for Chestertown is a fantastic opportunity to promote local and sustainable living. Allowing chickens in towns is a relatively recent, but widespread movement, encouraging people to get local (backyard) eggs and to get more acquainted with where their food comes from. The Student Environmental Alliance is excited to support this movement in Chestertown, especially in conjunction with our recently inaugurated campus garden and soon-to-come earth oven.

With the wonderful opportunities that the primary leaders of this movement are bringing to the Chestertown area, we are learning the importance of producing one’s own food and taking care of one’s environment. At Washington College, the movement is beginning with a number of “talks,” sponsored by SEA. These talks, which are primarily outreach lectures promoting awareness and education, are scheduled for Litrenta at the following dates and times:

Tuesday, 2/26 at 7pm - Backyard Chickens 101
Tuesday, 3/5 at 7pm - Backyard Chickens Ecology and Environmental Benefits
Tuesday, 3/19 at 7pm - Backyard Chickens Panel Discussion


Visit the local movement’s page: http://chickensforchestertown.org/


The garden is soon to become the official home of the WC Composting Program! This initiative, run by students with the support of Buildings & Grounds and WC’s Dining Services, seeks to reduce waste by turning food prep scraps back into living plant matter via natural breakdown processes.

Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge is coming to WC! A core group of students are in the early stages of learning about the challenge and how it can be applied on our campus.