Relay for Life

Pre-Relay Events

Even though the actual Relay for Life event occurs only on one night, the fight never stops! 

Survivor’s Dinner

 If you have a friend or family member who is a cancer survivor, please invite them to the Survivor’s Dinner. The dinner will be held at 4PM on April 20th in Hynson Faculty Lounge. There is no cost to attend the dinner and you can bring your family with you! We will travel as a group from the Survivor’s Dinner to the JFC to participate in the Survivor’s Lap during the Opening Ceremony. 

To attend the dinner, please:
  1. go online to and register as a survivor for the event. (There is no cost to register as a survivor.)
  2. After you register online, please email Kelly Jo Stroemel at and let her know that you are attending.

If you know someone who is a survivor and is not able to attend the dinner or Relay event you can still register them on the website and we can honor them at the event. 

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Jo Stroemel ( or Caitlin Macnamara ( 

Music Showcase

Friday, April 12 from 8:00pm-1:00am in the Goose Nest
Featuring Performances By:

  • George Essig
  • Jocelyn Faro
  • Malcolm “Tony Reyy” Reynolds
  • Local Dubstep DJ, Vitamin K
  • Local Rap Artist & Retail Employee, Kyle “Kotic Couture” 

Penny Wars

In Spring, 2013, the Relay Team has crafted a new competition: Penny wars! This competition is located in Hodson Dining Hall, as soon as you walk up the stairs. 

Your weapon = Pennies. Place pennies in your class jar for positive points AND place silver coins into other class jars for negative points against them!
Silver coins are worth the negative of their amount. So 1 Quarter subtracts 25 points from another class!

At the end of every month the class in the lead will be entered into a drawing to win Relay for Life prizes. 
Show your class pride and prove that you are the best! The elite class will be specially recognized at the Relay event on APRIL 20TH!


$100 in 100 Hours Challenge

From: 8:00pm on March 28 - 12:00am on April 1

Everyone who raised $100 in these 100 hours received 3 great prizes:

  1. A 2012 Commemorative Participant t-shirt
  2. this year’s Why Relay? shirt
  3. a wristband to be first in line for food at this year’s event

To sign up, visit: