Philosophy Club


The Philosophy Club sponsors Apeiron, a student journal of philosophy and religion. Appearing annually in April, the journal receives its title from the Greek philosophical term meaning “without boundaries” or “indeterminate.” Founded by students in 2002, the journal consistently features some of the finest scholarly writing in print by undergraduates at the College.

Since its founding, several contributors have had their work republished in a larger venue, including Bill Spencer ‘06, Jennifer Sutphin ‘04, Tim Huston ‘07 (posthumously, in 2005), and Ben Kozlowski ‘08. All of them published in Dialogue, the journal of the Phi Sigma Tau International Philosophy Honor Society.

All students (majors and non-majors) are encouraged to submit essays, articles, and other media for consideration.  Every essay submission will be eligible for the Apeiron Essay Prize for the Most Distinguished Essay in Philosophy or Religious Studies, a cash prize of $75.

The winner of the 2013 Apeiron Essay Prize was James Reith.

Submissions for publication for the 2014 edition will be accepted until March 1st 2014 and should be emailed to

For further information, please contact the editor-in-chief, Lisa Anderson ( or the faculty adviser, Dr. Matthew Holtzman (