International Studies Council

International Studies Council

Welcome to the webpage of the International Studies Council (ISC), a student-run organization open to all members of the Washington College Community. With regular events on campus, and the advantage of working with the Goldstein Program for Public Affairs, the ISC is one of the most involved organizations in its field Washington College has to offer. The ISC is made up of two main branches - a community service and discussion branch, and the more well-known Model United Nations (Model UN) team.

Each year the ISC raises money for various international causes, ranging from bringing in money to continue the construction of the library in Tanzania started by Washington College students, to increasing aid for refugees who have been displaced. It is one of the main goals of the ISC to increase international awareness and the knowledge that stems from becoming a more global citizen.

In weekly meetings the ISC holds discussions on pre-disclosed topics and reading to help the organization’s members become more aware of what is happening in today’s world. Through increasing awareness, the ISC hopes to broaden member’s horizons and help increase global awareness.

The second branch of the ISC is the Model UN team. With annual trips to the Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY) and the McGill Model United Nations Conference (McMUN) in Montreal, Washington College has enjoyed national and international success in the MUN arena. Students attend a trial simulation where a final delegation is chosen to attend each conference, and spend weeks preparing for the weekend-long conferences. With the rising levels of success, competition has become more fierce, and WAC’s MUN team only hopes to increase the number of awards brought home each year.

Starting in the fall of 2013, the ISC will begin hosting its own MUN conference, specially directed towards high school delegations. Aptly named WACMUN, the first conference will take place in November 2013. Completely student-run, this conference is a testament of the power the students hold when they decide to create something that will give back - something Washington College is all too familiar in doing. Please fell free to explore WACMUN under its tab located at the top left of this page.