What does EROS stand for?

Encouraging Respect of Sexuality 

What does the club do on campus?

From weekly meetings with members to all-campus events, the club actively works to achieve its mission of promoting an openminded and accepting campus community. Through such events as the Coming Out Tea and National Transgender Day of Remembrance, the club provides opportunities for students to share their own personal stories and to learn from their peers. Through social events like Drag Ball, the club encourages all students to challenge their own preconceived ideas and to step outside their comfort zones. After all, you never know what you might learn when you do!

I am not out. Will other people know if I get involved with this club?

We do our best to protect the confidentiality of our members. To this end, anything that is said during a meeting is expected to be kept in confidence by ALL who attend, whether a regular member or not. Our active member list is not generally disclosed, other than to our advisor and the SGA as a part of the budgeting process. However, our events are open to the campus, and it is not possible or desirable to hide our event attendees from the rest of the campus community. It is still possible, however, to maintain a level of privacy while actively participating in club activities. 

Can straight people go to meetings?

Definitely! EROS is open to ALL students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Therefore, we welcome our allies readily, as well as all individuals who fall under the LGBTQIA umbrella - namely, anyone who wishes to attend!

I’m straight. Why should I join this club?

The WC LGBT community needs the support of its straight allies to promote acceptance across both the campus and the broader Chestertown community. It is through your willingness to demonstrate your support that other individuals will begin to question their own assumptions about the LGBT community. 

Is there an LGBT Awareness/History Month?

Yes, October is LGBT History Month. Our club also uses April (Gaypril) as our own pride month since the national pride month is in June when school is out of session.

What is the Safe Space program?

The Safe Space Program at Washington College strives to create an inclusive environment for all members of the campus community. Safe Space is a nationally recognized program that provides educational training designed to support and create a network of allies for the Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, and Transgender (LGBT) community on-campus. The Safe Space stickers displayed in offices, workplaces and student rooms provide a visible indication of faculty, staff, and students who have participated in the Safe Space training and gained knowledge about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the hopes of improving the campus climate. Through the Safe Space program, members of the community will serve as a resource to the LBGT community and may help those with questions or whom need assistance find the appropriate campus resource.

Participation in the safe space program is voluntary and open to all Washington College faculty, staff, and students.

For more information or if interested in scheduling training for a group or organization, please contact Public Safety or the office of Intercultural Affairs

What other resources are there around campus if I am having trouble or need someone to talk to?

Yes - depending on the nature of your concern, there are a number of different people that you can talk to. The club officers or faculty advisor can help you to identify the correct resource to reach out to, or you can check out our “Resources” page for a listing of available resources. 

How can I learn more?

For starters, be sure to check out the Resources page. In addition, feel free to email the President and Vice President: