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Equestrian Team


The Washington College Equestrian Team was established as Hunt Seat Team in 2002 and was founded by Caitlin Patton ’05, a local student of WC.

Throughout the years, the Team has had the incredible help of Kathryn Moncrief, Barbara Heck, Sandy Griffiths, Phil Ake, Jen Shaw and Rebekah Hardy. The Team was third in its region, remained in top 5 for its first three competing years, and competed at Hunt Seat Nationals in its first year.

In 2005, the western team was established with the help of Coach David Walbert. The Western Team has sent two riders to Regionals, one to Zones, and also competed at Nationals in its first year with Team Captain Staci Banks representing. Since its founding, the Team has done well to make itself known and continues to grow.