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1.) What exactly is Enactus?

-Enactus is an organization led by students who seek to solve problems in our local communities and beyond using basic business principles, entrepreneurship, and a shared commitment to help one another. We team up with local executives, our Business Advisory Board, who share their insightful experiences and resources to help plan, implement, and expand our projects. And furthermore, we compete with hundreds of other American colleges and universities for the chance to represent the United States in the global Enactus competiton.


2.) Do I have to be a business major to join?

-Of course not! Our projects expand beyond just the field of business, and experience outside of the field is strongly encouraged! We have members who are political science, environmental studies, chemistry, and biology majors, in addition to our business students!


3.) Can I still be an active member if I cannot make the meetings?

-All members of Enactus tend to be involved in a plethora of clubs and sports in addition to heavy class loads, so we understand scheduling issues. That is why we try to send out minutes from each meeting so that members can always stay engaged and active. If you cannot make a meeting, please contact one of our officers or project leaders to see how you can get involved!


4.) What high school clubs are similar to Enactus?

-Enactus is a combination of entrepreneurship, community service, and competition, so many of these skills relate to business clubs like Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Key Club, and debate.