College Democrats

2018-2019 Legislative Priorities

The Washington College Democrats are committed to cultivating and enacting progressive change at Washington College, Kent County, and the greater Eastern Shore. Our legislative priorities for the coming year are outlined below: 

Preserving the Eastern Shore’s Environment

Initiatives that are environmentally and fiscally sustainable are crucial to protecting both the Eastern Shore’s farmers and its lush environment. Monitoring emissions and other pollutants, taking proactive steps to mitigate and prevent further environmental damage, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices are just a few ways to ensure that the Eastern Shore remains beautiful.

Promoting Small Business & Agriculture

In the face of corporate and big agriculture’s influence on policymaking, it’s important to empower and elevate the voices of small business owners and local farmers. The Eastern Shore’s local businesses and farms deserve to succeed just as much as their larger counterparts.

Protecting Public Health

As young, working Marylanders, we’re intimately familiar with the common struggle of maintaining good health in the midst of myriad work and family obligations. We need a healthcare system that prioritizes the health of working-class families, reduces healthcare spending by eliminating waste, and focuses on patients instead of the profits of insurance companies. The way to achieve these goals? A universal healthcare system that ensures access to healthcare for all Americans, not just the wealthy.