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Whether you’re interested in campaigns, fundraising, internships, politics, networking, legislation, American government, or just discussion, we have something for you! We’re committed to promoting progressive ideals and cultivating civil, productive political discussion campuswide and in the Kent County area. Whatever your political affiliation or level of interest, we welcome you to join us in the conversation. 

Our Mission:

To get college students and members of the WC community more active and involved in politics for the future of the United States. The Washington College Democrats, or commonly referred to as the WC Dems, is the largest partisan undergraduate operated political organization devoted to spreading overall political education and awareness. Founded in the Spring of April 1950, the Washington College Democrats hope to provide community members with an understanding of the political process, current events and policies that affect the average citizen of the United States, as well as the world. As an organization, we seek to discuss pragmatic politics that will ensure civil liberties, human rights, national security, and equal opportunities for every citizen and advocate policies that will shape a better future for generations to come.