Cleopatra’s Sisters

About Cleopatra’s Sisters

This organization, originally called Cleopatra’s Daughters, began in 1992, founded by 10 women in the hope of providing a place for the fellowship and sisterhood of women of color.


In 1992, our founders build an organization founded on the principles of unity, sisterhood, and love and bound together by friendship, unity, and commitment. Therefore, those are the values that Cleopatra’s Sisters have upheld for the last 24 years, and will continue to uphold. That is one of the reasons why we changed our name from Cleopatra’s Daughters to Cleopatra’s Sisters. The word daughter reflects being led, but the word sister reflects a united front. 


Cleopatra’s Sisters serve as a support group for women of different cultures, and that focuses on the issues that they face in society. This organization is directed towards, but not limited to minority women in the Washington College Community. Its aim is to educate the community on the role that women of all cultures have played in the community. Cleopatra’s sisters stand on seven principles: sisterhood, respect, unity, peace, patience, pride and love. Cleopatra’s Sisters are active members of the Washington College and Chestertown community. The sisters are involved in community service programs and advocate for women issues. 



The philanthropic work done by Cleopatra’s Sisters revolves around providing the community with STD Awareness. We are driven to provide the community with STD Awareness because although STDs serve as the cause of suffering many people of both genders, we recognize the large effect it has on the life of women due to the fact that STDs are usually harder to detect in women. Therefore, it is our intention to raise STD, which the hope to sooth the suffering of many women and lower the STDs.



President: Lae’Shawn Morris ’18

Vice President: Markell Gamble ’18

Treasurer: Myssa Abusin ’19

Historian: Beatrice Keller ’19