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Cleopatra’s Sisters

About Cleopatra’s Sisters


This organization, originally called Cleopatra’s Daughters, began in 1992, founded by 10 women in hope of providing a place for minority women discuss current issues.


Bound by friendship, unity, and commitment the founders proceeded to build an organization founded on the principles of unity, love, and sisterhood. The club went from 7 dedicated members to 12 members, and declined years after. Now, the group has a membership of over 20 sisters. We recently changed the name because we thought it was more modern, and since this club is built around sisterhood, why not call it Cleopatra’s Sisters.


Cleopatra’s Sisters is an organization for women of different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. Cleopatra’s sisters stand on seven principles: sisterhood, respect, unity, peace, patience, pride and love. Cleopatra’s Sisters are active members of the Washington College and Chestertown community. The sisters are involved in community service programs and advocate for women issues. The sisters embrace and celebrate racial, ethnic, and religious heritage months.


President: Amber Washington

Vice President: Olabisi Alabi

Secretary: Mari Shilling

Treasurer: Shannon Terek

Historian: Jackie Petito

Sergeant of Arms: Nicole Schuyler

Faculty Advisor: Darnell Parker