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ABOVE - (click on image to enlarge) The background music for our opening animation is the fight song "Old Washington," composed in 1926 by C.L. Atwater, and performed on piano in 2008 by Professor Garry Clarke.  Click here to go to our opening animation page.

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Old Washington Song

Words and Melody by C.L. Atwater Harmonized by W. Russell McMenamin

By the gleaming blue Chester River
On the Maryland Eastern Shore
Stands a glorious Alma Mater
Whose name we’ll ever adore
“Tis a name that shone high in glory
When our country, her freedom won
And our College alone was the first one to own
To the Fair name of Washington


So Washington, old Washington,
Our Washington we do adore
We will fight for her honor As her sons have before

So Washington, old Washington
Our Washington forever more
She’s our dear Alma Mater
On the old Eastern Shore

Just as Washington was the foremost
Both in honor and peace and war
So our College is foremost ever
To honor the name that he bore
And where-e’r her children may wander
She can trust ev’ry loyal son
For we’ll bring her no shame
But be true to her name
To the fair name of Washington

Repeat Chorus

Published by College Book Store, Washington College





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