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Starr Center for the

Study of the American Experience

Washington College’s Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience explores the American experience in all its diversity and complexity, seeks creative approaches to illuminating the past, and inspires thoughtful conversation informed by history. Through educational programs, scholarship and public outreach, and a special focus on written history, the Starr Center seeks to bridge the divide between the academic world and the public at large.

Starr Center Stories

  • Andrew Lawler will return to campus on Oct. 4 to discuss his new book "The Secret Token."

    Andrew Lawler, a former Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Starr Center writing fellow, returns to WC on Oct. 4 to talk about his book The Secret Token, a new examination on the search for the lost colony of Roanoke.  

  • As a rising senior, Rachel Brown ’16 was a student leader on a new-student orientation program aboard the Sultana.

    Landing a job at National Geographic even before she had graduated, Rachel Brown ’16 hit the ground learning and hasn’t slowed down yet.

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    PHOTO GALLERY: Patrick Henry Fellow, Robert Parkinson, enthralled audiences on Sept. 13 with a tale of mystery and murder. Delving into the depths of the Yellow Creek Massacre of 1774, Parkinson recounts the story of Michael Cresap,...

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    PHOTO GALLERY: The 90 degree heat didn’t faze us as we welcomed some new and familiar faces at our annual start-of-school BBQ at the Custom House. It’s great to be back at WAC!

  • Alexandra Cox is the author of Trapped in A Vice: The Consequences of Confinement for Young People.

    Alexandra Cox, a juvenile justice scholar, on Sept. 27 will visit WC to discuss the consequences of confinement for young people who are incarcerated.

  • First-year students listen to Tom McHugh’s musical storytelling.

    The Starr Center’s freshman Orientation Explore trip introduced ten intrepid young mariners to the history and lore of the Chesapeake.