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Become an Editor-In-Chief

Every spring, the members of The Elm and The Collegian nominate between one and three candidates to be considered for the following year’s Editors-in-Chief.


The Publications Board review candidates who have been agreed upon and nominated by the members of The Elm or The Collegian

Each publication may nominate up to three candidates.

The Publications Board may ask for additional candidates, if the initial applicants have insufficient training or qualifications.

If a publication does not select any candidates for the position of Editor-in-Chief, this publication risks becoming defunct, either temporarily or permanently.



Any student who has been nominated as a candidate is required to submit a letter of interest to the Publications Board and must interview for the position.  

Letters of interest should be emailed as Word documents to Assistant Director Lindsay Lusby (deadline:  March 10).  



Each candidate will be reviewed and scored using the following criteria.

Seniority:   Students closest to graduation will be ranked higher than those who still have additional years to apply for the position of Editor-in-Chief.

Years of Experience:  Students will be ranked based on the amount of time they have worked for the publication.

Quality of Application Letter:   Each candidate will be required to submit a letter of interest, outlining his/her academic standing, years of experience with the publication, and vision for the position of Editor-in-Chief.  Letters will be ranked based on clarity and specificity.

Quality of Interview:  The publications board will interview each candidate.  Interviews will be ranked based on each student’s ability to articulate a plan for the publication and a vision for the position of Editor-in-Chief.



January 31:   Each publication may begin submitting nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief to the Board of Publications.

March 10:   This is the deadline for nominating candidates.  All candidates must have submitted letters of interest by this date.  Letters of interest should be emailed to to Assistant Director Lindsay Lusby as Word documents.

March 11 - March 25:   All candidates will be interviewed by the Board of Publications during these two weeks.  The Board will meet to make final selections.

March 26:   All candidates and publications will be notified of the results.

April - End of Spring Semester:   Incoming Editors-in-Chief will be trained by current Editors, in order to ensure a smooth transition. 

Each outgoing Editor-in-Chief is required to provide a minimum of one month of job training to his/her successor.  The outgoing Editor will also provide his/her replacement with written records of managerial practices, in order to ensure that each publication continues to maintain “institutional memory.”