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The Rose O'Neill

Literary House

Slice-of-Life — The Craft and Business of Webcomics with Danielle Corsetto

Date: 4:30pm EST February 23, 2015

Danielle Corsetto is the creator of the webcomic Girls With Slingshots.
This event was previously scheduled for 2/17/15, but was rescheduled due to snow.

A story about twenty-something BFFs Jamie and Hazel, Girls With Slingshots has an expansive cast of their friends, including a talking cactus and a ghost cat (among other oddities). The slice-of-life dramedy revolves around topics of love, booze, sex, relationships, careers, living with your parents, and the worthlessness of an English degree. Corsetto also has written three Adventure Time OGNs published by BOOM! Studios, and created the strip “The New Adventures of Bat Boy” for the Weekly World News. She lives in the charming town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia with two cats and a rotating cast of vagrant friends in a big 18th century house filled with houseplants and containers of loose tea.


Every year, the Literary House Summer Interns are provided with training and a modest budget to organize and run a professional literary event at the Rose O’Neill Literary House. This event was organized entirely by 2014 interns Julie Armstrong ’15 and Ryan Manning ’17.