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Research Vessels 

The Center manages the college’s two research vessels, the Callinectes and Lookdown. The vessels can be reserved for your classes or department usage. If you have questions please contact Ben Ford

Chester River Field Research Station

The Chester River Field Research Station was established in 1999 with the initiation of an academic study to restore a native grassland landscape habitat on 228 acres of what had previously been row crop farmland, and an avian migration banding station on Chino Farms, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. Recently merged with the Center for Environment & Society at Washington College, CRFRS continues its research while providing educational opportunities for both the public and up-and-coming biologists.

Chester River Watershed Observatory

Innovative, collaborative, and a model for water-based communities everywhere, the Chester River Watershed Observatory is a new way to understand the Chester River and its many-layered connections to the land and people surrounding it. Through a range of data-gathering methods, students, scientists, and citizens will more deeply connect to the waterway’s future and provide more thorough information for decisions that will affect the river, its surrounding communities, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. 

Archaeology Lab

The Public Archaeology Lab provides space for students and community volunteers to research historic materials and process artifacts recovered from the Eastern Shore region. Interpretive displays and collections are placed throughout the laboratory. The College maintains a growing database of the region’s historical resources in its GIS Lab, which supports analysis of spatial data for archaeology and environmental studies.


What is GIS? GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. GIS is a computerized mapping system that stores, displays and analyzes any type of data that has a geographic location. The GIS Lab at Washington College is dedicated to increasing the visibility of GIS and helping others understand the interdisciplinary applications of this valuable technology.


The Center offers various internships in the spring, summer, and fall. Unique opportunities range from working at the Chester River Field Research Station and the Chester River Watershed Observatory. In addition, the Center offers contacts and links to external internship opportunities to help streamline your internship search.


Each semester the Center sponsors or hosts a number of events and programs that support important topics in today’s environmental and cultural world. Events range from our annual cardboard boat race during fall family weekend, to lectures, film screenings, and more.