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It’s for the Birds

It’s for the Birds is a professional development module that uses birds as a portal to interdisciplinary learn in environmental literacy and social sciences.

Thanks to the National Audubon Society, we have been able to create a teacher development program for Kent and Queen Anne’s County that focuses on birds and how they are impacted by climate change. This program offers a workshop and resources for teachers to use to integrate current environmental issues into their K-12 classrooms.

This module is open to Kent and Queen Anne’s County teachers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In this workshop, educators will learn various aspects of ornithology that goes beyond basic bird identification and integrates weather and climate change and the impact on migration and population. 

This program focuses on systemic MWEE implementation and the cooperative integration of formal and informal environmental education delivery from Pre-k through high school graduation. Lesson plans and programmatic content from multiple sources will be combined to measurably improve MSDE endorsed environmental literacy and STEM education.

This website contains lesson plans, sample activities, data, and external resources for educators.