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Geographic Information Systems

Geospatial Discoveries Day Camp 2019

Washington College GIS has created an exclusive, hands on geospatial experience for the ages 12-16. In the Geospatial Discoveries Day Camp, campers will get the chance to explore Minecraft 3D World, Satellites, Drones, GPS’s and more!

July 22nd - July 26th




Monday, July 22nd - Day One: Introduction to Perspective 

  • Exploring perspective through imagery and satellites. Students will construct and build their own telescope and see how light changes across surfaces. 
  • Conceptualizing ‘Viewshed’ through hands-on activities of changing height perspective (the view at your height vs. Top of stadium). Students will make perspective observations and gather data points during a fun, interactive campus tour. 
  • Using tools and technology to increase the viewshed through investigation of drones and aerial technology. Students will get a live drone demonstration and have the opportunity to fly indoor drones. 
  • Exploring games like GeoGuesser that test your skills at imagery analysis. 


Tuesday, July 23rd - Day TwoApplications of Geospatial Technology 

  • Exploring applications of geospatial technology using remote sensing and looking beyond what your eye can see.  
  • Students will come aboard our 46 ft research vessel, Callinectes, to learn about side scan sonar and how it can be used to see the river bottom. Actual shipwreck maps from the Chester River will be viewed. 
  • Students will design and build a remote-controlled robot that swims underwater and captures images below the surface through our Aquabotz program. Aquabotz will be launched off of the Hodson Boathouse dock or in the pool depending on weather conditions. 


Wednesday, July 24th - Day ThreeExploring Geolocation 

  • Navigating through the use of hand-held GPS units and compasses & pairs through a track and move game. 
  • Students will collect data in real time and real space through a geospatial scavenger hunt, while learning the safety of phone location on technology. 
  • Students will take a deeper dive into data points and attribution by looking for trees tagged in our Arboretum using mobile data collection techniques. 


Thursday, July 25th - Day FourVisualizing Data through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

  • Using GIS tools to analyze and visualize data and attributes collected throughout the week. Web GIS technology will be utilized to explore our data. 
  • Reviewing early GIS data collection techniques using kites to capture aerial photographs, and exploring modern day kite technology through the AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network (AREN). Students will get the opportunity to fly kites with sensor technology to capture data.  


Friday, July 26th - Day FiveStorytelling through Maps 

  • Using Esri Story Maps to tell stories through maps. Students will review their data and ask questions that will help form the story they would like to tell. Geospatial data and supplemental data such as photographs and videos will be used within your Story Map. 
  • Parents and friends will have the opportunity to view the Story Maps created by each student. The Washington College GIS Program will host an open house in the afternoon showcasing each Story Map, with light refreshments provided. 


Cost / Registration:

Registration is now closed.

  • $250 per camper  
  • There will be a $50.00 non-refundable camper application fee, which will be subtracted from the overall cost of camp ($250.00)                                        
  • Payment is due June 14th.

Early Drop Off/Late Pick up:

  • We offer early drop off/late pick up for an additional cost. Our early drop off session is from 7:30-8:30 and it is an extra $25.00 per week. The late pickup session is from 4:30-5:30 at $25.00 per week.

Payment Information:

  • At this time, we can only process checks. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card payments.
  • Please mail checks to :
    • Please make checks payable to:
      Washington College GIS
      151 Dixon Drive, Suite 3
      Chestertown, MD 21620
    • Add note in the memo: “Geospatial Discoveries Day Camp”


Please contact Kelsey Newcomb, Assistant Coordinator, with any questions and concerns:
Phone: 410-810-5031