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Geographic Information Systems

Easton Stormwater Project

The Easton Stormwater Project was conducted during the summer of 2012. We were hired by the Town of Easton to advance a stormwater mapping project in conjunction with Easton Utilities.

Our goal of mapping the town’s stormwater system included measuring pipe diameters and bottom depths of as many inlets as possible and to include that data into maps to form a cohesive idea of the water flow. To that end, we analyzed the position and depth of over 1000 inlets and manholes with our sub-centimeter accurate Topcon GR-3 and our invert depth measuring tools. We presented the town with all of our final data and conclusions at the beginning of the 2012 Fall Semester.

Above is a simple map that shows some of the work we did in Easton during the summer of 2012 for the Stormwater project. It shows the 1200+ points we collected as well as the original Tanyard area that we were expected to cover. We more than exceeded that expectation, as you can tell from the map.