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Geographic Information Systems

Easton Stormwater Mapping Project Phase II

This project, which was funded by the town of Easton, was a continuation of a project begun in the summer of 2012 to map the stormwater system of the Town of Easton with sub-centimeter accurate points. Our finished Phase II was designed to allow us to further the job of locating stormwater features and to map the lines of these and last summer’s features through the town. It was finished and delivered in 2014.

In the field, Luis Machado worked with a Topcon GR-3, a surveying tool that allows us to map points with sub-centimeter accuracy with X, Y and Z coordinates. In the lab he worked with a variety of software types to render the data from the surveying format to files compatible with Arcmap where the actual line drawing is taking place. Daniel Benton, a GIS intern, and Sam Stanton, an independent contractor, also assisted in this project. Sam Stanton helped us manage and coordinate the data into a successful final deliverable for the Town of Easton.

Our main goal for this phase of the project was to completely map the Tanyard Watershed Branch with all of the pertinent features and line connections showing the working system. Our extended goal was to accomplish the same for the Windmill Watershed Branch of Easton. Ultimately, we hoped to completely map the town of Easton’s stormwater system. We were successful in this and completed this project in 2014. Our maps were delivered to the Town of Easton, in a digital format.