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Geographic Information Systems

Chestertown Hydrant Mapping Project

The goal of this project is to complete the fire hydrant map in Chestertown, Maryland by having personnel walk and map fire hydrants on site to revise a previous map. This will help determine where new fire hydrants should be installed in neighborhoods that may be at risk. Most of the fire hydrants are mapped with a buffer to show how far fire hydrants are from one another. After meeting with the Chestertown Fire Department, we discussed the analysis of the hydrants and produced a more detailed project. 

The Chestertown Fire Department wants to have a color coded map of the pressures (gallons/min) of each fire hydrant, a report of the functional water valves georeferenced in an attribute table, and a buffer radius (length of hoses) between fire hydrants. Also they would like to include Kent County along with Chestertown, MD and the area around it. This means having an ID number of hydrants typed from the late 1980’s information to see if they have pressure or not. The Chestertown Volunteer Fire Department should know where all of the fire hydrants are located in Chestertown to ensure the safety of the community.