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Geographic Information Systems

Aggressive Driver Profile Zones and Crash Frequency

A team of students, along with GIS Analyst Ian Tangert collected, analyzed and mapped important data having to do with unsafe driving and crash frequency.

First we mapped all the ETIX citations in PG County.  After that we pulled out just the ones that were related to unsafe driving; maybe the citation had to do with following too closely or running a red light.  We then created hot spot maps for both the locations of unsafe driving citations, and crash locations.  We mapped each of these hot spot areas by month to see if there was any connection between where citations were being written and the frequency of crashes.

Josh Hyde stands at the Washington College GIS poster submission for the annual Lifesavers National Highway Safety Conference in Nashville, TN.  The poster was titled `Aggressive Driver Profile Zones and Crash Frequency: A Case Study in Prince George’s County Maryland`.  Under the supervision of Ian Tangert, one of the GIS Analysts at the Washington College GIS Lab’s, Josh and several other students performed the analysis that went into the data and maps for the poster.  The poster garnered positive feedback and was well received by none other than the Chief of Police for the Anne Arundel County Police Department, Kevin Davis.  Josh received the stipend to attend the three day conference including meals, airfare, and lodging due to his active engagement with the project and his interest in GIS as a potential career path.  The GIS Lab at Washington College continues to be active providing GIS based analysis to various law enforcement agencies in Maryland which can turn into great opportunities outside the office for our students.