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Geographic Information Systems

Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)

The Washington College Crime Mapping and Analysis Program works to assist law enforcement agencies in tracking crime in their jurisdictions.

The main objective of the Crime Mapping and Analysis Program is to create helpful map products and analysis that can be used in an investigation or logistical planning.  Washington College holds MOUs with a variety of agencies which gains us access to a multitude of data sets that aid in our analysis.  Some of these analyses include cell phone tracking, crime changes over time, density of crime in specific areas, and linkage analysis between databases.

One product that is consistently produced for local law enforcement agencies is the Welcome Wagon map series.  The Welcome Wagon map is a county wide map of newly released offenders on mandatory parole or probation that have been released from prison in the last thirty days.  This map is accompanied by a table which includes the offender’s name, address, mugshot, Supervising Agent, and SID number so that further information can be found on the Maryland Dashboard.  Each county receives this map on a monthly basis to be used within their agency.    

Local Law Enforcement Agencies we have been routinely working with:

Bel Air Police Department

Harford County Sheriff’s Office

Prince George’s County Police Department

St. Michael’s Police Department