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Chester Hall

Residential Zone 4

Chester Hall, along with Sassafras Hall, is the newest resident hall on campus.  This is a coed resident hall which houses students of all years.  This building is designed to house four people in each suite.  Students have the option to have a full suite (two double bedrooms and a common room) or a partial suite (two single bedrooms, one double bedroom, and no common room).  Each suite has its own bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink area as well as heating and AC units in each room all year round. 

This three floor building has a lounge and kitchenette on each floor with a full kitchen on the first floor.  This building is also equipped with an elevator.  Chester is located on the north side of campus between Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium and Scotland Tennis Pavilion next to Sassafras Hall. 

This building also contains language suites, for students that are majoring in a different language and want to immerse themselves in the language without having to leave the country. In addition, Chester is a popular building among upperclassmen and student athletes.