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Geographic Information Systems

Python Scripting

The Python Scripting workshop is a two day hands on learning lab that takes participants from an introduction to the fundamentals of Python scripting through creating custom tools in ArcGIS that utilize your own Python scripts.  Python is an easy to learn programming language that can be employed with ArcGIS to accomplish routine or time intensive tasks efficiently.  With just a fundamental knowledge of Python, it is possible to create powerful scripts that can accomplish tasks with a high level of productivity.

Eventbrite - GIS Summer Institute-Python Scripting

Dates: August 7th-8th
Cost: $600
Course Outline:

Each day of this workshop is structured around a morning session and an afternoon session, each lasting 3 hours on August 7th and 8th (Thursday and Friday). The plan for each session is as follows:

Session 1: Thursday August 7th, 9:30-12:30

                Python Fundamentals

Session 2: Thursday August 7th, 1:30-4:30

                ArcGIS + Python = ArcPy

Session 3: Friday August 8th, 9:30-12:30

                Python Project I

Session 4: Friday August 8th, 1:30-4:30

                Python Project II

Session 1: Python Fundamentals

This session is a hands-on introduction to everything you need to know to get started with Python scripting.  It covers all the basics with intuitive explanations without going into highly technical aspects of programming.  This course is meant for participants to gain a working knowledge of Python in order to utilize it without having computer science backgrounds.  This session teaches the practical fundamentals of Python and opens the participant’s knowledge of scripting to begin using it productively.

Session 2: ArcGIS + Python = ArcPy

Session 2 builds on the fundamentals of Python learned in the morning session by incorporating the ArcGIS ArcPy module.  This session will be focused on how to access data and features in the ArcGIS environment using Python scripting, and will also explore performing geoprocessing tasks with Python. 

Session 3 & 4: Python Project I & II

Day two of the Python scripting workshop involves a hands-on working example of a complete project workflow using Python scripting.  Participants will import, manipulate, and update attribute data and features, as well as perform various geoprocessing functions, with the final product being a parameterized custom ArcGIS Toolbox Script.  At the end of day two participants will have all the example code and notes they need to be able to effectively implement Python into their own ArcGIS workflows.

Instructor: Ian Tangert

Ian Tangert has been working as a GIS professional for over 8 years.  He currently works as a GIS Analyst II for Washington College in Chestertown, MD.  He holds a BA in Geography and Anthropology from Millersville University, and an MA in Geography from West Chester University, along with a GIS Certificate from West Chester University.  Ian has been incorporating Python scripting into his daily workflows involving GIS since 2008.