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Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to GIS

The Introduction to GIS course will review the fundamental theories of GIS, and will teach you how to operate the ArcGIS ArcView Desktop software product. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to operate the ArcMap interace to make a map layout, and be able to organize your data using ArcCatalog. This course will also teach you how to query your data to answer questions to solve various problems.

Eventbrite - GIS Summer Institute-Intro to GIS-Session 2

Dates: August 11th-13th
Cost: $900
Course Outline:

•    Introduction to ArcMap
•    Map Layouts
•    Symbology
•    Introduction to ArcCatalog
•    Geodatabases
•    Introduction to ArcToolbox
•    Geoprocessing
•    Information Fundamentals
•    Selections & Queries
•    Joining & Relating

Instructor: Tony Oesterling.  


Robert “Tony” Oesterling is a GIS Analyst at Washington College working on a Maryland Highway Safety Office project to identify target areas for DUI enforcement through the use of Network Analyst and the development of a Linear Risk Terrain Model.  He is a graduate of University of Maryland, earning a Bachelor of Science in Geography with a specialization in GIS.   Previously he worked as a GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst at the USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab in support of research for new forested wetland mapping techniques.