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Geographic Information Systems

Digitizing in ArcGIS

Ever wonder how all that great data gets into a GIS in the first place?  Well somewhere, someone, digitized and attributed that data.  If you want to be a data creator, and not just a data user, then this workshop is for you.  The workshop will focus on the ins and outs of effective digitizing using basic and advanced tools in ArcGIS 10.2.1.

Eventbrite - GIS Summer Institute-Digitizing in ArcGIS

Dates: August 21st-22nd
Cost: $600
Course Outline:

Topics to be covered include:

  • Digitizing Basics (Getting to know the Editor Toolbar)
  • Points, lines, and polygon editing tools
  • Vertex editing
  • Advanced geometry tools
  • Snapping
  • Attribution
  • Database Dictionaries
  • Topology and Quality Control (how not to make bad GIS data)
  • Methods of digitizing – Cut versus Create

Some ArcGIS experience is suggested but it is not required.  Our team at Washington College just completed a digitizing project to digitize land use and land cover on the 840 square miles of the Choptank.  Read about that project here and here.

Instructor: Stewart Bruce

Stewart BruceStewart Bruce is the Assistant Director of the Center for Environment and Society, and serves as the GIS Program Coordinator at Washington College. In addition to teaching he also manages numerous funded projects spanning the gamut from crime mapping to youth technology training in GIS. Previously he worked as Senior Extension Associate at Penn State University in the Cooperative Extension Geospatial Technology Program. Prior to working at Penn State, he established a regional GIS Department at Mifflin County, PA. Stewart has a Masters in Science in Geography from Penn State University.  Stew teaches a college level course in remote sensing and is actively working researchers at NGA and ERDC on using remote sensing in megacities such as Dhaka and Lagos to detect changes in informal settlement (slums) patterns.