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Geographic Information Systems

Second Annual Geospatial Technology Summer Institute

Join us this summer, June 8th-18th, to attend workshops that will permit you to learn more about Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Summer Institute of Geospatial Technology is designed for the adult professional looking to sharpen their technical skills.  Hosted by Washington College in the scenic colonial town of Chestertown, Maryland, our location offers a chance for you to escape from your busy schedule and focus on learning.

All workshops are taught by experienced geospatial professionals who are experts in their fields.  Workshops costs are extremely competitive, and discounts are offered for enrolling in multiple workshops.

Each workshop will run from 9:30AM-4:30PM to allow for commuting. If, however, you are looking for overnight lodging, please check out local accommodations

For those whose organizational budgets offer no funding for professional development, we may also be able to offer some scholarship support.

Register by May 15th 

Click on the course names on the schedule below to learn more (Coming soon - for now see the flyer).

You can sign up for as many or as few workshops as you like.

The three day workshops are $950, two days are  $650 and $325 for one day. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
June 8th    9th 10th  11th  12th 
GT10: Introduction to GIS*
 ArcGIS Image Analysis*
GT20: Intermediate GIS**
 CrimeSTAT IV ***
ArcGIS Online & Server**
Python Scripting ***
June 15th  16th  17th 18th  
GT10: Introduction to GIS*

 What’s New?

ArcGIS Pro

GT20: Intermediate GIS** Network Analyst**  
GT30: Advanced GIS*** LIDAR **  


Each workshop has a rating, ranging from one star to three stars, to represent the level of prior knowledge recommended.

  • One star (*) - No prior software knowledge required. Participants have not used the software before, and will begin from square one.
  • Two star (**) - Basic ArcGIS knowledge recommended. Participants are familiar with simple ArcMap tools and functions. If you have taken an introductory ArcGIS course before, or if you take one of ours during the Institute, you will be well prepared.
  • Three star (***) - Confidence with ArcGIS recommended. Participants are proficient with ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox. CrimeSTAT IV  is an excellent course for crime analysts interested in exploring new techniques and advanced software capabilities.

Note: course availability is dependent on the number of registrations received. Courses must have a minimum of six participants by the time registration closes. If a particular topic interests you, it is in your best interest to sign up sooner rather than later!